Monday, December 05, 2005

Arrested Development

After a long Monday at work (including the disturbing news that Saddam Hussein had a human meat grinder - *shudder*), I was delighted to find Arrested Development back on the air tonight. Definitely the funniest show on the tube these days. Well, the non-cable tube anyways. The few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I've seen have cracked me up. I really hope that enough people start watching Arrested Development to convince Fox to keep it on the air. I mean that stupid Michael Rappaport show is profitable, but AD is not? It's enough to make you take a meat grinder to the American public. (too far?)

It's great to see Jason Bateman get his groove back too. And none too soon for me. Throughout my youth, I was told that I looked like a young Jason Bateman. But, more recently, I've been told that I evoke Norman Fell. I mean, how do you say something like that to a person? Nothing sparks an early onset mid-life crisis, like finding out you bear a resemblance to Mr. Roper. I mean, Ferley I could take. The man had style. But Stanley Roper drank warm milk before going to bed, for chrissake. If Arrested Development can stay on the air for another year or so, I may return to my Valerie's Family days form. Those were some days, right there!

(thanks to this place (?) for the roper art)

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