Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Screw Asylum

This is my latest cartoon for Illustration Friday Night (the topic is "screw asylum"):

Yeah. I don't know. I like it though.


joel said...

Whats up with no button down collar with blue blazer and the gold buttons?

Are going for the Tubbs & Crockett Miami Vice shabby chic look?

Dan said...

Wasn't that Michael Bolton's look? That's supposed to be Michael Bolton with the screwdrivers lining up.

joel said...

You right,I "Screwed Up", Michael Bolton seems quite pensive.

Whats on his mind?

Dan said...

Looks like he's trying to figure out what he's supposed to do now that he's not screwing anymore.

Michael5000 said...

Very absurd, by which I mean good. I like the salute to "The Wall," too.

Dan said...

Thanks M5K. I thought you'd like it. It's an acquired taste absurdity cartoon. Convoluted though it is. But I blame the screwdrivers for that.

I was also going for an Abbott and Costello thing with the short fat screw and the tall thin screw.

There's a few different things going on here. It's a fine line between good absurdity and bad absurdity. The wooden hobby horse rocks at midnight!