Thursday, November 29, 2007

Victrola Music Video - "Sweet Lorraine"

New VTK series: VMV, aka Victrola Music Video. I decided that I have to put some of these on film so that people can hear and see them and get most of the experience (the main missing ingredient here is the smell - the Victrola smells like old). The first VMV had to go to my favorite record, a 78 I picked up down at Cheapo's Records on Mass Ave. It's great because the fidelity is really good (relatively speaking) and also because the song is great. In fact, I don't think I'd ever heard this song before and it totally kicks ass. Enjoy.

(note - the needle spins around the center for about 20 seconds at the end because I was waiting for the satisfying click sound that it makes when it stops and it didn't do it this time. After 20 seconds I moved the arm to make the click sound. So only stick around if you want to hear the click. It's not essential, but I like it. Yes, I'm weird.)

All-star ensemble? Um, yes please. Here's what the label says:

Fox Trot - Parrish - Burwell - arr: Oliver -
Piano - Nat Cole; Guitar - Bob Ahern; Bass - Eddie Safransky; Drums - Buddy Rich; Trumpet - Charlie Shavers; Trombone - Lawrence Brown; Alto Sax - Johnny Hodges; Tenor Sax - Coleman Hawkins; Baritone Sax - Harry Carney.


Michael5000 said...

Too cool.

akboognish said...

Wow--who knew there's something like a thing to post youtube videos of Victrolas playing records? Some of those videos are a little creepy; like what's up with the dog statute behind the one playing Ain't She Sweet (and check out the voice-over voice on that one--sounds like the dude hasn't left the 20's himself...).

Dan said...

My Victrola is much cooler than his. He's got a plastic needle arm fer chrissake.

Dan said...

How bout that Nat Cole. I think I may need to go out and buy some more Nat Cole. On 78 and otherwise.

Joel said...

Your Victrola provided me with hours of joy friday night.


Paste this into the ebay search field:
I think it would be an outstanding addition to your collection.

Dan said...

I knew you and your music boys would love it. Glad you did. I'll check that out post haste.

Pats going to win tonight?

Joel said...

Pats looked like a pop warner team,
and then comes Steelers.....ouch!

Dan said...

Pats did look like crap. And the key is - what the hell happened to Randy Moss? I guess he got bored. When he's not bored, the Pats are unfairly good. Teams have to double triple team him on every play and then Brady can pick them apart by going to Welker et al. At the end of that game, it should have been Moss, Moss, Welker, Moss, Moss, Mulroney, Moss, Moss, Moss. What happened? Still a W though. The Steeler's defense is tough but the home field advantage should be enough for the Pats. Especially if Bill Bel and Brady can figure out a way to make Moss care again.

Joel said...

All these teams are playing NE tough,and NE will get its ass handed to it if they don't show up for the Steelers game.

PRT said...

that's good work right there, D. thanks for the music.

Dan said...

a yuh. you betcha.