Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wii = Weeeeeeeeeee!

The Practical Slacker got an early XMas present yesterday: The Nintendo Wii!!

(sorry about the angle of the video - couldn't figure out how to change that)

I got a good laugh at the whole thing, until he gave me a run. And I'm here to tell you that this thing is addictive. We played a game of bowling and then nine holes of golf, wasting a solid 2 to 3 hours of my time. Good fun though. Here's my sopranosesque gangster character chipping from the edge of the sandtrap:

Here's PS's mustachioed asian character putting:

VTK Italiano was a stroke down going into the last hole, but chipped in from the rough for the win. Forza VTK Italiano!


Joel said...

Can I come over and play some golf?

Dan said...

sure, there's an open tee time on Saturday night.

I wish they had darts or pool on this thing. or bar fight.

Duffless said...

dude - a bar fight game would be the best

you could pick different kinds of characters, get then drunk and have them interact til fight ensues, genius

Dan said...

totally. there could be interactive grab-ass. you grab the guy's girfriend's ass, throw a drink on him, and then get into a fight with him. The possibilities are endless. Another game that would sell: Pimp Slap.

lc said...

Wheee, indeed. I wowed the Chinese at Wii tennis. Until they realized I was holding down the front button during my serve. Here's hoping you see an old man struggle into a bat suit this x-mas. Or, at the very least, have sex in the face.

Dan said...

Let's keep it clean, lc. This is a family blog.

(and no that doesn't mean you can send the url to my mom)

Happy Holidays.