Friday, December 14, 2007

OO US Presidents, 01 -45

Have you ever noticed that for all but 7 years between 1901 and 1945 the President of the United States had consecutive o's in his name? Check it out. Think about it.

1901 - 1909
Teddy ROOsevelt

1909 - 1913
William Taft (4 years without an oo - Taft finished third in his bid for re-election)

1913 - 1921
WOOdrow Wilson

1921 - 1923
Warren G. Harding (3 years without an oo - Harding dies in office (without an oo, unless you count "doom"))

1923 - 1929
Calvin COOlidge

1929 - 1933
Herbert HOOver

1933 - 1945
Franklin Delano ROOsevelt

Alls I'm saying is that's a lot of oo's with a whole lot of power in a concentrated period of time. 38 out of 45 years. Double zeros anyone? Draw your own conclusions.


akboognish said...

Yeah, but what about the Mitchel report?

Dan said...

who gives a shit?

Michael5000 said...

Dude, you are, like, totally freaking me out.

Dan said...

Yeah, there's something there, isn't there? Please also note that if you go back and forward a president from William McKinley to Harry S Truman there was a 56 year stretch from 1897 to 1953 in which the US president had a double letter of some sort in his name.

blythe said...

i think that's a this american life story waiting to happen.

Dan said...

You bet your bippy it is.