Thursday, April 19, 2007


The last embed video I put up was removed by youtube, so I replaced it with another and found a couple more Messi/Maradona comparisons. For those of you who don't know, the Maradona goal from a 1986 World Cup match for Argentina against England is considered one of if not the greatest goal of all time. 21 years later, the young Argentine who many have hailed as the next Maradona somehow eerily replicates the goal in a Spanish League Semifinal Championship match.



see them side by side:

and if you're really a soccer dork, see the Messi goal with the Maradona play by play call:

the video of Maradona and his shorts referenced in the comment section:


Dewy24 said...

Those are both great goals but I think Maradona's was better because he made his in better shorts.

Dan said...

dewy24 is clearly trying to bait me into a replay of our email argument from this afternoon. I'm not biting.

Dewy24 said...

not true. i sincerely want to discuss their shorts.

Dan said...

Very well, then. I will now tack on another youtube video to the end of this post, of Maradona juggling and dancing before a game, which features several shots of his shorts. Once everyone has familiarized themselves with the material, we can begin a proper discussion.

Dan said...

(god, he was a crazy coked up alcoholic kook. I bet he was high on something in this video)