Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Posting Frenzy Finale

If this is your first visit today, please note the multitude of posts that have appeared since this morning. I posted a lame video of Britney Spears drunk (her in the video, not me in the posting of it) because I didn't have time to post anything better. Kristin called me on it, so I started posting more to make a legit VTK day out of it. Now it's several hours later and I really need to get some work done, so this is the last one of the day and it will consist of me cleaning out all the garbage in my VTK Possible Posts file, which hasn't made it to publication yet. So, feel free to skip it. all of it. but here goes:

If you want to be distracted for 1 minute, watch this:

If you want to be distracted for 2 minutes: try this (

If you want to be distracted for 4 minutes: try this (SB)

If you want to be distracted by a sad story for the rest of the afternoon, read the 5 part series about NFL Hall of Famer Mike Webster's descent into mental illness and homelessness and it's likely connection to all the head trauma he incurred over the years in football.

If you want to feel slightly better about the story, read about the slight consolation of justice afforded to his family.

If you want to hear something Orwellian that I may or may not have posted about before, listen to this: the USDA is attempting to stop using the word “hungry" to describe people who are hungry. The new phrase is "food-insecure". People who live in hunger are now residing in "households with very low food security" – and there are 330 references using this lingo on the USDA website.

If you want to see a picture of the massive andouille sausage and broccoli omelette that I made myself last weekend, here it is.

If not, too bad.

If you want to stay informed on the situation in New Orleans post-Katrina, including the ways in which the Bush administration is using the tragedy as a sacrificial rat for their pet policies (sound familiar?), read this site.

If you want to be truly morally righteous: root for UMass tonight at 8 PM EST when they play in the Div 1-AA National Championship football game.

Have a great weekend, VTKids.


Kristin said...

If today's edition of VTK was a CD it'd be called "Now THATS What I Call VTK!!! vol. 1"

Started out rocky but you pulled through.

What the hell are you putting on your omelettes - is that ketchup and honey?

Dan said...

It's duck sauce. And I wouldn't recommend it. Better to stick with the classics. But you can't make an omelette without ...

Kristin said...

Hey - Come to Bev on Saturday - we are decorating our tree and drinking some nog. It's BYOD (D= Duck Sauce). Car Pool with Cary from Cambridge and wear your green candy pants! ***

***When I say "car pool" I mean take the train together because I just remembered she no longer has a car.

BrianinLA said...

I see no Omelette picture and I am sad.

Dan said...

really? what OS and browser are you on?

BrianinLA said...

WinXP. In Firefox I see nothing, in IE I see a broken image link.