Thursday, November 09, 2006

It was a good day.

My live blog yesterday included a smattering of Hoosiers references. Great movie. Great day. So was it irony, poetry, or coincidence that I was sitting in the Boston Celtics home arena watching the C's when I heard that CNN was calling VA for the Dems? I don't know, but Jimmy Chitwood hit the shot that gave Hickory High their improbable championship, and my main man, the A-10's own, Delonte West nailed the bucket at the buzzer in OT to win the Celtics their first game of the season. You may remember Delonte Caliente from his Valentine's Day overtures, but he can ball too. You know if Pierce had any chance in hell at a shot he would have taken it and missed, as he did in regular time, but he kicked it out to Delonte and A-10 homeboy knocked it down as the red lights lit up the backboard. We'll discuss how pathetic it was for the C's to require 35 pts from Pierce and Wally (1st time 2 C's did that in 19 yrs), a triple double from Gomes, and the buzzer beater from West to overcome Doc Rivers' mystical line-up/sub strategy and beat the lowly Bobcats at home. But not now. Great fucking day. Kiss my ass, Charlotte.

(the ESPN call noted a VTKesque prediction by Cousy on the shot and the ESPN anchor saying that "this isn't Cousy's first rodeo". nice)


Dewy24 said...

I'm all for D-West love but why the albeit mild shot at Paul P.? He is the only thing between the Celtics and a 10-72 season. I don't know if you will agree but I'm getting very tired of Telfair's poor imitation of a guy playing defense.

Dan said...

true, the C's would be screwed without him, but you have to admit that the Pierce shot at the buzzer is beyond predictable. And he's made a few for sure, but he misses tons of them (like he did at the end of regulation). It's nice to see him pass to the wide open guy rather than forcing a bad shot with 4 guys on him. I like Pierce. He went for 35 and 13 last night. He also had 12 turnovers.

Telfair is not good. He was horrendous last night. Rondo was a DNP-CD, which would be shocking if it weren't for the "C" in question. I don't know what the hell Doc Rivers was doing. He's not a good coach. Ainge should have made a play for Don Nelson when he was available. We were losing by 8 or so in the 2nd and Doc put in a line-up of West, Allen (who is a total waste), Green (who is very ... green), Scalabrine, and Olowakandi - for like 5 minutes of gametime. what? Then the C's have a great 3rd quarter led by Wally and Doc starts the 4th off with that same lineup. Why Doc? What are you doing? What's the thought process there? Then he takes Gomes out in the last minute of the game for Scalabrine?

Dan said...

I mean, if the thought process is that you're playing a crappy team at home and you want to experiment with some of your subs together to see if they can develop some chemistry, I can understand it except:

a. you're 0-3 and you're losing to that crappy team. You need a win.

b. why not play Rondo and Leon Powe instead of Allen and Scalabrine, both of whose ceilings are pretty low.

Dan said...

case in point: last 30 seconds of the game tonight, Pierce had 3 shots and missed all 3. and the one he needed to miss he made.