Monday, November 06, 2006

Midterm Eve Anxiety

I'm too nervous/jinx-conscious to write a full post on tomorrow's Midterm elections. But I did want to pass on this delicious photo of Bush energizing the base from Wonkette. Also, for those of you (me) without HBO, you can download/watch the Hacking Democracy special from Google Video. Please, America. Please vote these dirty bastards out in margins that are great enough to overcome their cheating.

[update: Daily Kos came out with it's predictions here. Pretty optimistic, though he's obviously conscious of the fact that media and politicos all over the country are interested to hear what he predicts, so that may skew his real thoughts.]


Duffless said...

The Daily Show live broadcast should be fantastic

Dan said...

It's going to be co-hosted by Colbert, right?

Did you know that Colbert is a Sunday School teacher?

Dewy24 said...

My favorite website on election night is

It is the best at predicting outcomes. Yesterday the GOP was at 75% for winning control of the Senate. Now it is at %68.

Dan said...

excellent site (linked here)

if I'm reading that right, the money on GOP winning the House is at 17% chance right now.