Monday, September 25, 2006

VTK Sees Green Bay

The VTK Heartland Tour started out a little shaky with the cancellation of my connector flight from Chicago to Green Bay due to tornados and torrential rains. Many other flights were being cancelled too so rather than trying to fly stand-by, I booked a flight for the following morning and got a discounted suite at the Wyndham (I do love me a good hotel bar). Then the flight the next day was delayed too so I was cutting it a little close for the afternoon wedding. But I eventually arrived in Green Bay - my first time in Green Bay - and who do I run into in the airport within 5 minutes? Football legend Brett Favre. Walked right by him. I said "Good luck tomorrow, man", but he ignored me. Football legend in the zone on the way to his next game or asshole. It's a toss up. But I made it to the hotel in time to press my trousers and head off to the church, where I was met with a chorus of "you made it!"'s from friends old and new. The ceremony was a traditional Catholic one and very nice. The beers were cracked on the shuttle bus to the reception and flowed all night until a few of the wedding party guests got arrested at the hotel for their alleged involvement in some sort of altercation. A cab ride and a 10 hour nap later, I got my shit together in time to catch the 2nd half of the Packer's game at Coaches Corner, a local sports bar next door to my hotel, where I watched the Packer's game with my new buddy Lurch, a friendly giant of a man who had ordered a pitcher for himself and claims he used to hang out with hall of famer Ray Nitschke. Lurch is my boy! The local flavor? I went with the Coaches Choice: 1/3 lb burger with a 1/4 lb brat patty on top. Delicious! Actually it was nasty, but I loved the concept.

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