Thursday, September 21, 2006

VTK on the Road!

That's right, folks. I'm taking this little dog and pony and internet tube show on the road. In the great American tradition of going West, VTK will be headed to the Heartland and documenting the day to day lives of Real Americans. I'll be descending from the Ivory White Tower of the Elite Northeast and risking my neck in such non-elite places as Green Bay, Western Michigan, Chicago, and Nashville. For the next 3.5 weeks, I'll be reporting in depth on:

the people of Green Bay

the people of Western Michigan

the people of Chicago

and the people of Nashville.

Good people, one and all. Wish me luck.


lc said...

See you in Michigan, VTK. In the hopes that this time you can keep your socks on.

Dan said...

Can't make any promises on that front. See you there!

Dearest Cupcake said...

Bon Voyage! In the anthropological tradition of participant observation, I hope you avail yourself of all manner of "local flavor" and report back to your readers. What am I saying - you are VTK, and this is given.

Kristin Cougar Brenna said...

At a time like this, I'd like to share a quote from my Saugus High Class of '93 year book:

"You're a wicked good kid so don't eva change."

And I didn't. 13 years later, and I'm still a wicked good kid.

Dan, on your journey, please remember these words and stay a wicked good kid.

If you want to pick up some extra dough - I can hook you up with some Spring Break're going thru a lot of prime SB sales territories. Just a thought.

Dan said...

Green Bay Local Flavor (brat) report forthcoming ...