Friday, May 12, 2006

Small World

Ain't it just though? VTK's good buddy Chris has been down in Antigua writing the Antigua chapter of the Rough Guides book. Not a bad gig. Yesterday I got an email forwarded to me by my Dad's neighbor (forwarded from him because Jake knows not to send ridiculous political garbage to me, but clearly the neighbor does not yet), which had come from Dad and mentioned Antigua. So I wrote him an email asking him if he was down there and mentioning that a friend of mine was also there and they should hook up; they could probably show eachother some spots. But I didn't give him any contact information or anything. Then last night I get this photo emailed to me from Chris. Apparently they found the same spots (by which, I mean bars). I love when random stuff like this happens.


Sean said...

And what does this have to do with the Roman Colosseum?

Dan said...

That may have been the thing that set the course of actions in motion that led to this supposedly random occurrence.