Monday, May 22, 2006

Las Vegas Nevada

As the saying goes, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", so I'm not sure I can report on all the weekend's activities, and my mother may or may not be reading at this point, though lc claims she just mentioned the blog, not its name or url, and this sentence has way too many clauses, but I will say that Las Vegas is every bit as outrageous, and every bit as expensive, as people say it is, and here are a few items I remember:

I remember golfing for 4.5 hours, under the 100 degree sun, as soon as we got there. I went wire to wire the last 3 holes with my 4 iron. and fell out of the cart twice.

I remember dropping $150 on a steak dinner.

I remember multiple strip clubs. And the streak is still alive.

I remember spending plenty of time at the Sports Book, which is chock full of characters. I won $50 on the Yankees and then barely lost on my Preakness bets. I had a 7 to 1 and a 40 to 1 to win, and they came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. You win some and you lose some. And you tie some. Which I did later on the fight between Barrera and Juarez. Apparently, they called it a draw, I cashed in my ticket for a push, and then they changed it to a split decision for Barrera (I bet on Juarez), so looks like I was timely on that one. We caught the last 5 rounds of the fight in this little dive bar that was attached to a liquor store. The fight was amazing. And there was a crazy dude with unbelievably horrendous teeth sitting at the bar screaming at the tv and actually swinging along with the boxers. He kept turning around and saying stuff ostensibly to me (he was looking right at me), so I responded one time and he said "I'm talking to my buddy and pointed in the opposite direction of where he was facing". ok, pal.

I remember some hilarious cabbies, including this one stocky, gray haired/mustached character with an indeterminable accent who was cracking us up and had the line of the trip, which might not be as funny without the accent but here it is anyway: someone asked what they were building on this open lot that had a giant infrastructure being set up and he deadpanned "that's going to be a burger joint ... what the fuck do you think they're building."

I remember the 90 minute delay in Vegas that chewed up my 60 minute layover in Phoenix and forced me to break into a full sprint across the Phoenix airport to catch my flight to Boston and avoid a 12+ hour layover. I was like OJ in that old airport Hertz commercial. Also, I killed some people. But I made it back home, so it's all good.

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