Friday, May 26, 2006

A Frog Eye’s View on an Atonement Lost in the New Hemisphere

If Bruce Springsteen, Chris Farley, and Philip Seymour Hoffman had a love child together, he would be the lead singer of Frog Eyes, the frenetic band that played TT’s last night with Sunset Rubdown opening up for them. Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade fame played with both bands. Boy genius, that one. Half the crowd bailed after SR, which was a shame. Both bands were good. The show capped off a busy week for the VTK’s editorial staff. Prior to the show (and after it for that matter), I watched the 2 hour finale of Lost on and spent a good 4 hours reading forums, emailing, and talking on the phone, trying to make sense of it all. That show is capital F Fucked. I would highly recommend renting and watching the first 2 seasons if you’re not on board yet. It’s great. I had to watch it streaming on Thursday because I was out in Sandwich on Wednesday night, celebrating the final touches being put on Hemisphere, the super hott new beachfront restaurant opened by Tracy, Eric, and Bob. Big props to them and all the kids involved in that place. It looks great and will undoubtedly be rocking Sandwich’s pants off. It officially opened last night, so sign up for your zip cars and get down there. I stopped by there on my way back from P-Town where I picked up my paintings from the show at Spiritus and hung out with C-Ham for a bit. I rented a car and got upgraded to a Chevy Malibu which was delicious to drive on a wide open route 6 on a beautiful day. The paintings were in good shape – no pizza sauce or fork holes. Though there was a spitball on the big purple lips of one of the portraits. No harm done. Speaking of no harm done, I don’t suppose there’s any harm done in a sloppy transition back to Tuesday’s recap, since there’s no real connection between it and what I did on Wednesday. Tuesday brought the completion of Atonement, by Ian McEwan (I mean I completed reading it, not he completed writing it). Now I know what you’re thinking: big deal. Dan read a book. But I am not the literati I once was. If I’m not really into a book, I will not finish reading it. Many a highly acclaimed work of fiction has been cast into the hearth on my way to the latest ridiculous reality tv show on the WB. So when a book grabs me by the kookles like this one did, it kind of is a big deal. Well, for me, anyways. Probably not for you. What I’m saying is read this book. It’s wrenching. Wrench you say? As in a tool that might be used to repair an LCD video projector? Like one that was projecting a kick ass multimedia video show deejayed by WZBC’s John, of Kraftomatic Bed Of Nails fame, at River Gods on Monday night? Yes. Exactly like that. I will advertise if he ever does another show because we’re talking about 3 hours of quality rare music/entertainment footage. It was highly entertaining, as was Las Vegas, which is where I was on Sunday, which was detailed in the last post. And there you have it. A work of genius? No. A sloppy rambling recap of recent blogworthy events? Yes. That’s how we do it here at the VTK. Stay tuned for Yankees.5.6…

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