Thursday, April 02, 2009

@VTKountry - State of The Blogging

Looks like it's been nearly two months since I've written a legitimate blog post - one that wasn't a self- promoting repost from Obe Lincoln or a cop-out video post. No wonder my numbers are dwindling. That or maybe the blogosphere is just slipping into obsolescence with the rise of microblogging. I've done the twitter. I do the twitter. But I'm still not really grasping what it is that people love about it. Which is fine. I don't really "get" acrylics either. Why wouldn't you just use oils. But, whatever. Different strokes for different folks. Microblogging probably doesn't really appeal to me because I'm a rambler at heart and 140 characters is just not long enough for me. I understand how sometimes things require only brief mention and not a full blog post. For instance, today I was flipping through this month's Esquire magazine, which I get courtesy of my father's yearly Christmas subscription gift, and I noticed that a full page ad for viagra was opposite an article entitled "The Golden Age of American Meat". Kinda funny. A chuckle. A giggle. Maybe worthy of a brief mention to my efriends, but at 247 characters, it's nearly double the maximum character limit of a twitter tweet. Yet, it also might not be worthy of a whole blog post. If this were a three times daily blog it might fit, but for a 6.5 posts per month blog, it's less fitting. I think microblogging makes sense when it's part of a larger whole, like the facebook status update, or if it's a tool for people to get updates about the progress of a wildfire or something; but twitter on its own - for random webtainment or webformation - just doesn't do much for me. Or maybe I just need to get a cellphone and experience it that way. Maybe it's a side phenomenon of the texting world from which I've abstained. For now, it's back to old-school blogging for me. And it's about time for rusty old VTK. What'll it be, VTKountry? Sports? Politics? A mid-season LOST review? A frank discussion about how much Jimmy Fallon's new show sucks? How about some documentary recommendations? Alright, I'll be back in a bit with some doc recs. Stand by for my next bleet...

[UPDATE: I just microblogged about this blog about microblogging. But you already knew that. You've always known it. Eternal recurrence of the same?]


Jeannette said...

your status update led me here

i agree with you.

i havent gotten into twitter that much, i tried via cell phone, but still. i do like small blog posts via cell with a picture. like for all the engrish stuff i see.

it's like the mass media is making me think i should be twittering.

twitterers follow lots of people and have lots of people follow them, maybe people (gasp) they dont even know. i think if i had 100 twitter friends that i hand picked because of some noteworthy coolness or skill, reading their twitter updates could be fun. but im 24 years old, older than the internet, and ive been around the virtual block, and im fucking sick of fake internet friends.

anyway what am i talking about im high on allergy medicine.

maybe i should go twitter that.

Dan said...

Yeah, now imagine if you were 50% older and were having the same experience. Give yourself a minute to pick your favorite of the "I'd kill myself if I were 36 and twittering" jokes, make it, then think about it again. I mean really think about it. eh? yeah? See what I mean?

I think the visual thing is part of it too. I like images in blogs and other internet content and twitter's all text and links. (and the links are that bullshit "tinyurl" format half the time.)

Jeannette said...

If I were 36 and Twittering that means Ive been Twittering for 12 years. That's way lamer than a 36 year old Twittering now, because Twitter is relatively new, and no real age rules have been set. It is assumed though, at a certain age you shouldnt be typing, "OMG!111 LOL!! The Jonas brothers kick a$$!!!!" or following John Mayer. You have to follow a CNBC anchor and Tweet about your 401K plan (well, Dan, you dont have to tweet about that, given your "situation").

Dan said...

I actually have a 401k plan from my days working for The Man. I haven't made the mistake of checking it recently. I'm not going to touch it for 30 years anyway so there's no point getting worked up about its current state. The fact that news people and politicians are all jacked about using twitter is not making it more appealing to me. In fact, I think 50% of my problem with twitter is the name "twitter".

Jeannette said...

Your suggestion for a better name?

I pick "Ficions." Because that is the word verification, and I dont have my witty comment cap on at the moment.

Michael5000 said...

Yeah, well, I post every freaking day, and my numbers are dwindling too. Of course, it could be that rantings on weirdly esoteric topics just aren't in this year. Or, you could make a reasonable case that my blog just sucks. But I'd rather blame the decline of blogging in general.

Can't do twitter. My rantings don't fit.

Dan said...

That's a shame. You're the hardest working man in the blogosphere. Your blog definitely does not suck and I'm sorry that I'll be missing dorkfest™ this year (I'll be on the road).

Dan said...

Excuse me, that's M5K Decathalon 2009™ that I'll be missing. Dorkfest™ is a different season.