Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going Back To New Orleans

When the clock strikes midnight Central time, I'll be back in the Big Sleazy cracking a cold one at Molly's At The Market!

Molly's - where, depending on the time of day/night, the crowd can range from this:

To this:

Our long national nightmare of me not going to Jazzfest and returning with a comical picture diary is over. Thanks to some commission work from MCSmackdown, I'll be frolicking at the Fairgrounds and queasy in the Quarter once again. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


lc said...

Spoke to vtk's dad, bonus mom, AND little bro last night in honor of the pater familias' (pater familiae?) 70th. Apparently I am welcome to come visit them with "whomever I want." I think that really means -without vtk and lil' bro. of course, they also thought I was married so maybe they were making allowances for my imaginary spouse.

Dan said...

Did you speak to them via telephone? Was everyone getting along swimmingly - or at least getting along?

Congrats on your imaginary marriage. Those are all the rage these days.

I'm safely out of N'Ollins and not too badly damaged. Then again it's Cinco de Mayo and I'm at MCSmackdown's house in CA, where there will be a BYOBottleoftequila party replete with a taco truck, so I'm not really out of the woods yet. Viva Mexico!