Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential Debate II - It's The Economy, Stupid Keating Five Guy

For the full story on The Maverick, see www.keatingeconomics.com.

Johnny McCain loves him a good townhall. Wonder what the carefully selected and screened regular folks will ask about tonight. The economy? Are we still on about that?

(no live blog tonight, but I'll be online if anyone cares to comment)


SBVOR said...

The evidence, from the admittedly “Liberal” New York Times, as well as the very “Liberal” PBS Online News Hour PROVES that this pathetic and unfounded attempt to smear McCain with the crimes of Keating is unmitigated BUNK!

1) Although McCain had dealings with Keating (who was a constituent in McCain’s district), McCain was NOT connected in ANY WAY to the CRIMES committed by Keating (and even The New York Times ADMITTED IT).

2) McCain did NOT support, IN ANY WAY, Keating’s request for regulators to ignore his violations (much less eliminate the regulations).

3) In FACT, even the New York Times admits that the Keating scandal ONLY involved Democrats (which is precisely why the Dems were so DESPERATE to lynch the ONLY Republican they could even REMOTELY connect to Keating)!

Quoting the New York Times:

“The special counsel to the Senate Ethics Committee has recommended that the panel clear two of the five Senators under investigation for their links to the savings and loan debacle, Congressional officials said today.

In a confidential report submitted to the committee on Sept. 10, the special counsel, Robert S. Bennett, concluded that there was not adequate evidence to merit a full-scale investigation of John Glenn, an Ohio Democrat, and John McCain, an Arizona Republican, several officials said.”

“If Mr. McCain is dropped from the investigation, the political implications could be significant: He is the only Republican under scrutiny, and Republicans could portray the scandal as a Democratic one.”

4) Quoting the very “Liberal” PBS Online News Hour:

“The Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Glenn and McCain's involvement in the scheme was minimal and dropped the charges against them. In August 1991, the committee ruled that the other three [DEMOCRATIC] senators had acted improperly in interfering with the Federal Home Loan Banking Board's investigation.”

Click here for the UNDENIABLE FACTS on what REALLY caused the current housing mess (AND the Keating related S&L mess).

Dan said...

I doubt you'll ever return here to read what I say in response because from a quick review of your blog (started in April of 2008), you appear to be a conservative hack (subtitle of your blog: "American Liberalism is a totalitarian political religion.") who is searching the internet for liberal posts and spraying comments in response. You probably searched the links on the youtube page for this video and copy/pasted your latest blog post into each comment section. The first thing you should do is identify what SVBOR stands for (a quick google leads me to believe you've been doing a lot of trolling lately). The second thing you should do is stop using all caps for emphasis in your posts. It's amateurish. The third thing you should do is recognize that you're not going to provide a convincing argument to most of my readership by dissing the New York Times and PBS as "admittedly" (by one editor in election season of 2004) "Liberal" and "very 'Liberal'" respectively. We don't see those words as insults and many of us are left of "liberal". Speaking of which, and this is admittedly me just being a dick, don't capitalize "Liberal". It's not a proper noun.

But ad hominem attacks aside:

You extrapolate a lot from "was not adequate evidence to merit a full-scale investigation". How many times have we seen complicit parties squirm out of repercussions due to political investigators' or Senate committee's decisions about the adequacy of evidence against them? Karl Rove and Dick Cheney come to mind as recent examples.

You give no rebuttal to the video speaker's discussion of McCain's attendance/silence in his Keating Five meeting with the regulators where the other Senator was speaking on their behalf in asking the regulators to make an exception for Keating? Any response?

Brian said...

King just gave you 5 points for that one, Dan.

Dan said...

damn it all! I don't have HD.

This debate is bizarre. McCain just said "That one" and pointed at Obama. wow.

Dan said...

Obama is destroying McCain on this CNN Uncommitted Ohio Voters dial-o-meter.

Dan said...

From Daily Kos blogger Scout Finch:

Why does Brokaw continue to admonish "them" after each Obama answer? Three times he has warned about time after Obama speaks and none after McCain. This debate format sucks and McCain's flirting with Brokaw is stomach turning.

Dan said...

The "that one" video:


Amazing. It's davidbrentesque.

Dan said...

I've watched that 7 times in a row now and it didn't dip in its hilarity once.

The Practical Slacker said...

I think you mean davidbrentastic. Jesus H. Christ.