Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's it gonna be, Alex?

That's the question. What's not the question is this: Alex Rodriguez is the best player in baseball. I won't accept any debate on that. You may not like him, you may hate him, but he is the best player in baseball. It's insane, but he's worth the $25 million a year he earns in his contract. So much so that he's going to renegotiate his contract so that he gets paid $30 million a year. And someone's going to pay it. He's a no-brainer MVP this year and many people will tell you definitively that the Yankees would not have made the playoffs this year without him. I'll give that a no comment, but it's not a crazy assertion. Many people will also tell you that Yankees fans would be stupid to call for his head if he has another bad offseason. That is a crazy assertion. Debatable maybe, stupid - no way (here's a great article on the A-Rod question). 5-for-46 (.109) in his last 13 postseason games, which led to 3 straight pre-World-Series exits from the playoffs. If he bats .100 in this year's playoffs, I have only two words: fuck him. Sorry, Alex, but this is it. Can you get it done when it counts? You've done it all year, but what about the playoffs? What's it gonna be, Alex?

Aside from the A-Rod question, I'm pumped for the playoffs. I'm off to upstate New York tomorrow to watch the playoffs in friendly territory. Go Yanks!


Lauren 02143! said...

As I told my mom after last night's game:

In each of the Yankees’ past seven ALDS matchups, the Game 1 winner lost the series.

So I wont hit the 'panic' button just yet. Annoying that CC walked A-rod in the 5th. Argh.

The Practical Slacker said...

Yeah, the commentators were spinning the same post-season tales of woe tonight before A-Rod started exploding all over the fucking place.

Goddamnit. Why couldn't the Yanks fold in 3 games like every other team in the first round of post-season play?

Dan said...

I assume you're joking. 2 singles hardly has him back in my good graces, but it's a start. It's not like my boys Jeter and Posada are tearing it up. Big game for Wang tonight. Huge.