Friday, July 27, 2007

So gold is long and thin, like, say, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

I've a touch of a hangover so I'm playing one of my allotted VTK cop out cards. Also, the pop culture think tank known as The Duffless Foundation is back with a vengeance and deserving of a link. Check out their posts on a Fantasy SNL Cast (fuge and duffless) and their Worst of SNL List. Well done, DF. Nice trilogy. Started off a little dodgy with fuge's omission of Phil Hartman, but came around in the comments section when he made amends.


Duffless said...

It's always a special treat to see Hartman and Lovitz together.

Thanks for the props to the Foundation!

Dan said...

You said it. I also enjoyed your post about Lovitz kicking Andy Dick's ass for talking shit about the dearly departed Phil Hartman. I'd venture to say that there is not a bigger Phil Hartman fan in the world than me. Some may be on par with me, but none bigger. I was a HUGE News Radio fan (I still quote Bill McNeil on a regular basis) and I loved the chemistry between Phil and Andy on the show. It was the only decent work Andy ever did in his otherwise totally worthless life. For him to talk shit about Phil is unbelievable. He should have gotten more than an ass whooping for that.

Duffless said...

I am a huge Hartman fan, but not to the degree you are. That being said, I am know for not being able to contain myself, that the mere thought of, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Those sketches have and still do reduce me to tears. I can't handle how funny there are. Hartman as Frankenstein ranks a close second. Although everything he's ever done is hysterical. Did he do the bank that only makes change?

I don't know what I was doing during NewsRadio's run, but I've probably only seen a handful of episodes. It's been on my agenda for a long time.

Dan said...

I only vaguely remember the bank that only makes change, but here's a link to some great snl commercials:

that's videos-13-snl-commercials-and-me in case that got cut off.

Happy Fun Ball was always my favorite, though I gotta give props to Little Chocolate Donuts and Bad Idea Jeans.

News Radio took a dive after Phil died, but the seasons that he was in it were pure gold. long and thin.

Dan said...

Here's my list as posted in the comments section of the DF post:


- Phil Hartman - # 1 with a bullet. oops, bad pun. jk, phil. you know I worship you. Seriously though - my # 1 draft choice.

- Eddie Murphy - nothing token about this pick. His SNL work was some of the best comedy ever anywhere.

- Martin Short - my short guy. love me some Ed Grimley. (honorable mention: Tim Kazurinsky)

- Bill Murray - genius.

- Norm MacDonald - News and assorted straight man roles

- Chris Farley - my fat guy. just a narrow layer of cellulite better than Belushi. I labored over this pick, but they play the same roles and I can only justify taking one, and ... second guessing ... no, gotta have me some Farley. It's Farley. Barely.

- Will Ferrell - "the body heat melts the jack" what? insane. would love to see him freestyle with Hartman and Murray.

- Joe Piscopo - I know I know I know. It's a stretch, but I needed another impressionist, aside from Hartman. And you know what? You are dark and I am light. You are blind as a bat and I have sight.


- Gilda - no brainer

- Jane Curtin - the ultimate straight woman (... nah, too easy)

- Rachel Dratch - my darkhorse pick of the cast

- Molly Shannon - I briefly considered Jan Hooks, Sarah Silverman, and Tina Fey for the last spot, but had to go with Mary Katherine Gallagher.


- Al Franken (sort of a cast member, sort of a writer and occasional spot guest)

- Paul Shaffer (underrated comic talent)

- Bill Hader (might be a cast member now, but I give him a tip of the cap in my list as a featured player, and the funniest of his new crop)

cartoon by Robert Smigel: Ambiguously Gay Duo

musical guest: double bill - Sinead O'Connor and Cypress Hill

host: Steve Martin.

blythe said...

chris parnell. that is all.

Dan said...

I like Chris Parnell. I considered taking him instead of Joe Piscopo, but in the end, you are dark and I am light, you are blind as a bat, and I have sight. And that's all there is to it.

Dan said...

also, I just like saying/writing "Piscopo".

Jeannette said...

i think i was thirteen when phil hartman died. that was the last time i cried.

then i started to have dreams I babysat his kids.

Dan said...

I think the last time I cried was when Goose died in Top Gun.

Dan said...

a little Bill McNeil:

blythe said...

merve the perv!

thank god that parnell is shining as dr. leo spaceman on 30 rock.

where's pisscopoor these days? hmm?

Dan said...

probably landscaping Chris Parnell's yard.

(if you know what I mean)