Wednesday, May 23, 2007


After the debacle with the Celtics' draft lottery results, a little perspective may be in order. Derek Jeter just passed Joltin' Joe DiMaggio on the Yankees' career hit list.

That's the Yankee Captain passing the Yankee Clipper with the first of his 3 hits tonight on his way to helping the Yankees take 2 out of 3 from the Sox. 9.5 games...


Mr. Shain said...

Yes, but how does this relate to American Idol?

Dan said...

Jeter got to third base with Haley Scarnato.

Dewy24 said...

The Yankees still play baseball?

Dan said...

What happened to your fat walrus "yankee killer"?

marshall said...

Dan, it is widely known that Haley Scarnato got to third base with 6 of the various cameras on American Idol-- not the cameramen, the cameras themselves.

Jeter shouldn't brag about Haley.

Dan said...

Yes, but I've never gotten to third base with Haley Scarnato. Can I not live vicariously through the imagined sexual exploits of my Hall of Fame shortstop? Must I settle for Matsui and his world renowned porn collection?

Lauren 02143! said...


Anyway - only about 100 hits to pass Bernie, I think?

Dan said...

Yes, something like that. He should end up with the most hits in Yankee history, as long as they re-sign him to another contract after this one. I think he'll get to 3000.

1 Lou Gehrig 2721
2 Babe Ruth 2518
3 Mickey Mantle 2415
4 Bernie Williams 2229
5 Joe DiMaggio 2214
6 Don Mattingly 2153
7 Yogi Berra 2148
8 Bill Dickey 1969
9 Derek Jeter 1954
10 Earle Combs 1866
11 Roy White 1803
12 Tony Lazzeri 1784
13 Willie Randolph 1731
14 Phil Rizzuto 1588
15 Wally Pipp 1577
16 Bob Meusel 1565
17 Thurman Munson 1558
18 Frankie Crosetti 1541
19 Bobby Richardson 1432
20 Paul O'Neill 1426
21 Elston Howard 1405
22 Graig Nettles 1396
23 Red Rolfe 1394
24 Hank Bauer 1326
25 Dave Winfield 1300

Dan said...

that list was from April of 06, btw.