Friday, May 25, 2007

The Assault On Reason

Al Gore on Letterman, Part 1:

Part 2:

Here's a lengthy excerpt from his new book, The Assault on Reason, from Time magazine.


Sean said...

Goddamned shame he didn't actually get to serve as president, huh?

Dan said...

yes. I have a feeling if 07 Gore had run in 00 instead of 00 Gore, he would have. One of those little oh well what can you do wrinkles.

akboognish said...

Yeah but 07 Gore (07G) would never have existed if 00G had won. If that had happened, we'd just have 00G+7 in 2007, not 07G. And 00G+7 would likely pretty close to 92G (which equals 00G-8) and is not that different than 00C.

I like 07G a lot, but I'm happy to have him pushing from the outside. With the increasing (and unbelievably unfortunate) irrelevancy of Nader, we're in bad need of somebody to wear those shoes. And I'm talking 64N-96N shoes, or even 00N shoes, not 04N shoes.

On that sidetrack, I guess one could say that if 92N begets 96N, and 96N begets 00N, and 00N begets 04N, then 04N begets 08N, and if we want to prevent that from happening we should make sure we get 08G instead. But I'd say that "04N" was not really 04N, but rather 00N+4, and that we're just in for more damage if we end up having 00N+8, or, for that matter, 00G+8. I'd rather have 08G and 08N and stop adding integers to the damn Gs and Ns.

Dan said...

agreed. I think. 07G only exists because 00G lost. 00G+7 would be preferable to 07B (or any #B), but wouldn't be close to 07G. The problem is that if 08G runs, he's not going to be 07G+1. He's going to think that 07G is only viable from the outside and that he needs to morph back to some pre00G to win. And yes, it's too bad that 00N+7 is irrelevant.

Duffless said...

Sarah Vowell has a pretty cute discussion of Al Gore and why his nerdiness lost him the election. Its in the Partly Cloudy Patriot...all this Gore talk made me think of it, I'll have to re read that part.

Dan said...

I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

I guess this is as good a place as any to have the argument. I love 07G, but I couldn't stand 00G. And it wasn't just nerdiness or stiffness. He had totally bought into the idea that 90's free trade centrism was the only viable option for a Democratic presidential candidate and thought that he had to cowtow to the family values crowd to distance himself from the Clinton blowjob (is that a proper noun yet? B? b?). He clearly presented a false version of himself as a candidate (his no stakes reversion to his more liberal self proves that), people saw through it, and they chose against him (well, they chose him, but not by much, not by enough to overcome Republican fraud).

I voted for 00N in MA, but followed most of his campaign in FL, where I lived until two months prior to the election, and would have voted for him in FL. No question I would have voted for him. I also voted for 04K, spent 3 days getting out the vote in NH, and never even entertained the idea of voting for 04N. I will admit that knowing what we know now (that 00B was much much different from 01Bpre911 and even more so than 01Bpre911) I would probably have voted 00G in FL (not MA) if I was there, then, and had my now knowledge. But I don't apologize for voting for and ardently supporting 00N in 00. He was right and the vote was right at the time and given the situation and the reality that no one (N, G, B voters) knew how the next several years were going to go, I categorically refuse to accept any blame for that vote. Maybe I'm being stubborn, but that's the way I feel.

also, I just got back from a rockin bbq at Lauren's and I'm a little drunk.

Dan said...

I guess that's not going to spark an argument (for any of Warnock's reasons, I suppose).