Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BCSDDB at Halftime

It's a few pages short of the statistical middle, but I'm 5 chapters through the 10, so I'm calling it halftime. Time to start shopping this BCSDD Bad Boy to publishers. And as luck would have it the Boston Zine Fair is going on this weekend at Mass Art so hopefully there will be some good leads there.

I'd also like to welcome bcsddb.blogspot.com to the VTK family.


Scan said...

Jeeze. I'm a bit torn. While I feel it appropriate to post a comment to you blog (and keep Warnock at bay) congratulating you on both reaching the halfway point and a nice layout on BCSDDB's new blog, it would be so much easier to walk down the hall and say it in person.

Very nice work, Danny Boy! Feel free to grab a beer out of the fridge to celebrate.

Dan said...

roll one down the hall to me, would ya? thanks.

bandit said...

i tried to send you a congrats message to your blackberry, but the batteries must be dead or something. many congrats, DanNo!

Dan said...

thanks, bandita. Maybe if I smack my blackberry on the side it'll work. or I'll get a papercut.