Thursday, January 29, 2009

terrible towel time!

There are all sorts of scarves and foam fingers. There are countless thundersticks and pom poms. There are even a handful of clackers and cowbells. But there's only one towel: the terrible towel™. The pride of Pittsburgh will be out in full force this weekend as the Steelers try to win their 6th Lombardi trophy. I was unaware of the history of the towel until I read Greg Garber's article on ESPN today. It turns out that what started as a ratings gimmick is now a 2.5 million dollar boon for a home for mentally disabled and autistic people. I'm pretty sure that trumps Kurt Warner's "faith". Sorry, Kurt. God's going with the Steelers in this one. And so is Obama, apparently.

In my June 18th post-Celtics-championship post, I noted how extraordinary it is to watch your favorite team win a title and how the Steelers had made me wait 26 years for a Super Bowl win. Sunday evening brings another chance for glory for the towel-waving, faithful fans of the Black and Gold. Go Steelers! Let's make VTK a two title blog!


Michael5000 said...

Our new Chief Executive also appears to be smoking a fatty in that photo. I'm thinking he's probably not really, though.

Dan said...


And Owner Dan Rooney giving props to Obama right after the game - nice.