Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Below the Rim

A friend called yesterday afternoon and offered me a free ticket to the Celtic's game. So instead of watching on the tube while working and eating leftovers, I watched the champs from center court, third row - actually below the rim. And exactly on the half court line. My feet were on the hockey boards track. It has ruined me for basketball. I'll never be able to watch it the same again. It's crazy to me that people pay $195 for a midseason midweek game, but it's almost worth it. You really get a whole different sense of the mood and dynamics of the game down there. The players are bigger, better, and more graceful than you think (except for Rondo, who is smaller than I thought, which makes his play even more impressive). Garnett is completely insane - really - the cosmos shakes when he enters into it. He's on a totally different plane than everyone else. I was also entertained by Patrick O'Bryant during every time out. He's the biggest man on the court and he knows he's not going in so he just wanders around. hilarious. Conversely, Bill Walker, who also knows he's not going in, is completely zoned in during every time out. He's like a hoop junkie. Get this guy some minutes, Doc. As for the game, Pierce went off for 39 and the Celtics won in OT. Not bad.


Dewy24 said...

Judging from your video Scalabrini's ass looks bigger the closer to the floor you are.

I've never had really good Celtics seats but I have sat behind the glass at a Bruins game. It makes you realize the tremendous difference between you and a professional athlete.

Dan said...

totally. in my case, that would be "tremendous tremendous difference".