Friday, September 26, 2008

Take a break. You deserve it.

And now a break from our regularly scheduled shameless self-promotion. Here are two very different, but equally enjoyable, musical selections for your listening/viewing pleasure:


Mason said...

I liked the first clip but the the other one sucked.

Lumps Rock On!!


Dan said...

who sucks? radiohead or the smiths?

Mason said...

The Radiohead track,

This might have been a better choice.

Dan said...

I'll take the Radiohead covering the Smiths, myself.

Mason said...

The Smiths rock but Radiohead's last record was a let down.

Guided by Voices
Black Flag
Circle Jerks

Dan said...

I've always thought Radiohead was somewhat overrated (by themselves and others), but that doesn't mean I think their version of this song sucks. I like it and those other bands.