Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hillary's Logic

Oh, I'm just not sure I can describe how much I enjoyed these, so I'll just thank Daily Kos for tipping me to John Cole's Balloon Juice who tipped me to Coudal and pass them along:

also, I have a new favorite website:


joel said...


Joel said...

I saw one of the best college hoop games of my life last night, tough break for coach Cal.

His Kids played there heart out.

Dan said...

true that. two great teams. a real slugfest. gotta hit those free throws down the stretch if you want to be national champ. I don't understand why Memphis thought they had it wrapped up. It's March Madness. It's never ever ever over until the final whistle.

Liverpool v Arsenal in the second half of their Champion's League tie in about a half an hour on espn2. If it's anything like their first match, it's going to be incredible. In fact, they've drawn 1-1 twice in the past week. A win or a 0-0 draw puts Liverpool through to the Semi's. At Liverpool. Arsenal's the better team, but my money's on the Carlsberg Scousers.

Joel said...

I would have to agree Arsenal is the better club but Liverpool will playing out of there minds.

Look for Torres to have a big game.

Your right you have to make those foul shots in crunch time.


Its been 8 years since Coach Cal left UMASS....time flys!

Dan said...

It's a great one so far. 3 of the big 4 have their whole seasons on the line this afternoon (assuming Man U is going to win the Premiership). 2 of them may have their hopes for silverware squashed in the next 90 minutes. Meanwhile, the Hammers are holding Pompey to a 0-0 draw right now. Up the Irons!

Dan said...

Unbelievable match. Arsenal getting the 2nd goal that would have put them through in the 84th minute, only to give up a pk in the 85th, which Gerrard put in the back of the net. The penalty call was very harsh. I wouldn't have called it. But the ensuing defensive lapse that allowed the 4th goal was inexcusable, so it wasn't a criminal result. How do they do it? How is Liverpool so good in the Champion's League?