Thursday, March 27, 2008


VTK stands for "Very busy Times Keeping me from posting regularly" these days. I was just finishing this little graphic novel thing that I've been doing. That's all. And then there was the 11 pound self-publishing grant application that I sent out yesterday afternoon. As I was carrying it down to the Post Office, I was thinking it was going to be $50 or so to send it, but I was happy to find out that priority next day mail with insurance only cost about 10 bucks. Not bad. So, the good news is that I'm done with the graphic novel and the grant; the bad news is that it almost killed my beloved laptop. It started to crash severely and repeatedly as I was in the process of finishing the writing of the grant. It held on long enough for me to write everything and print it out. Fortunately, it now seems that it's turning the corner. I can now run more than one application at a time, though I'm not pushing my luck. Even if this is the beginning of the end for my baby, it's been one hell of a 2.5 year ride. I did a whole graphic novel on this laptop. And two years worth of daily emailing, internet surfing, itunesing, photoshopping, etc. It's been my primary connection to the world during these two years of unemployment.


I'm getting choked up a bit here


I love you, laptop. Get well soon.


Ok, enough of that. I'm off to Alabama tomorrow for a wedding, but tune in on Monday for an Opening Day post as I'll be back and listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman call the first pitch of the season for my Bronx Bombers. I'll also be doing a long overdue post on the tremendous season of the Boston Celtics.


Anonymous said...


-- John

akboognish said...

Yeah, right on, brother! But too bad you had to wreck that good post with a bunch of crap about the yankees...

Dewy24 said...

It was only half a sentence of crap on the Yankees but it was too much. Then again if it wasn't for Dan I wouldn't know they still play baseball in the Bronx.

Congratulations on the book. I know it is much harder to do something you don't have to do than go to a job and work. Very impressive.

Dearest Cupcake said...

Congrats on both BCSDDB and the grant application! The $40 you saved at the post office could go toward an external hard drive... maybe your problem is with storage?

Have fun in the dirty south!

Jeannette said...

I didnt know whether to write you an email, post on your wall, Skype you, MySpace comment... but since you brought up BCSDDB here...

I got your CD in the mail! I read your "graphic novel" (comic) and think it's numbah won. Good luck with the Xeric grant. Good story, funny, and reading it made me think about how fucked up you must be.

Im no good at compliments.

Good job.

[awkward pat on the back where i dont actually touch you]

Thanks for sending it to me too, you know I was dying to read it.

Sequel in the works?

akboognish said...

Good luck with the grant and let us know when we can buy copies! Can't wait to read it...

Dan said...

john - thanks

akboognish - act like a champion, chump.

dewy24 - thanks. on to the next project.

DC - thanks. I already have an ext hd and have everything backed up. there are 22 GB available on my hard drive though, so I don't think it's a storage issue. (and the south was dirty dirty. and slow. wicked slow. I keep thinking I love the south (outside of the bigotry); then I keep going there and getting infuriated at waiting 50 minutes for my taxi to show up).

jeannette - thanks. high praise indeed from a comic connoisseur such as yourself. and I took the "fucked up" as a compliment, so no worries. I don't know about a sequel. could be possible. Bag Boy Stag Devil Death Boy? Casual Restaurant Concept Stag Devil Death Waiter? They'll probably have to wait though, as I'm planning on starting the layout for another old project, Archimedes and the Great Paper Cut Caper and developing a serial non-fiction comic based on some of my Florida escapades (I'll understand if you skip that one given your FL background).

akboognish - thanks.

Joel said...

Congratulations Dan,

I know how hard you worked on BCSDDB but now but it is time to kick it with some of your friends and open up some Bud Tall's and shoot some darts downtown!

It's has been to long.



I have written a few grants in my day I would be happy to lend a hand.

Dan said...

Joel - thanks for the offer, but the grant is done. I will join you for some Buds and darts some time soon.

Joel said...


Thats great,we had quite a dart crew last weekend we could have used the "laser thrower" from Pittsfield to even things out.

How does it feel to be out of the BCSDDB bunker?

Are you going to watch WHU-Portsmouth?

Dan said...

So I heard. I'll try to make it sometime soon to chuck some lasers.

It feels weird. Just waiting to hear about the grant now.

Probably not. After devoting my attention this week to 4 Champion's League matches, 2 UMass NIT Final Four games, 2 Celtic's games, 3 Yankee's games, and 2 NCAA Final Four games on Saturday night, I may need to devote some attention elsewhere on Saturday and Sunday during the day. Speaking of which though, tremendous Arsenal Liverpool Champion's League match on right now.

Joel said...

You sound very busy with sports viewing,where are you watching the final four games?

Dan said...

Well, I view while I work, so it's not just total couch potato time. TBD on Saturday.