Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Down Goes Joe!

Allow me to take the high road here and say "ha ha, suck it, Joe!" Oh well, I do love the low road. I'm delighted that Joe Lieberman lost his primary race to Ned Lamont and that the Democratic Party establishment is tripping over themselves to support Ned. It must be killing the spineless bastards. Of course, we haven't seen the last of old "Regular Joe" (or "Regular Joseph" as the boys over at Action Mill call him); Joey is planning on continuing his campaign as an independent, or "independent democrat", as he puts it. Worst case scenario: either Joe or the Republican candidate wins due to the Democratic vote being split. But at least the message will have been sent and the world will see what a pathetic turd the Lieb really is. Best case scenario: Ned wins the seat. He's not exactly a Liberal Lion, but he's certainly left of Le Lieb who, according to this site (thanks to dewy24 for the tip), is the 8th most conservative Democratic Senator. The voice that Democrats should really be mourning the loss of is Cynthia McKinney, who lost her primary yesterday (because some stupid 24 year old prekindergarten teacher thought the way McKinney reacted to being detained by some idiot Capitol cop who didn't recognize her was unseemly). We love you Cynthia!

See the Daily Kos for great progressive blogger coverage of the Joey Joe KO, including this list of winners and losers.

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