Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Something's Fishy

Not this fish. Not fishy in that rotting old fish fishy smell sort of way. This bad boy's straight off the boat.

I joined a local Community Supported Fish program this summer with BV and the roommates. For $45 a person, we're getting more fish than we can fit in our bellies for 12 weeks.

Those fillets don't look that great because I hadn't filleted a fish in years, I hacked it up a bit, and the photo makes it look grayish, but trust me - it was as fresh as fresh gets and delicious. In addition to these 2 big fillets, I was left with the head and bones:

I used the head and bones to make a big pot of fish stock, which I then used to make New England Fish Chowdah.

A little white wine to cook the fish, a little for the stock, and a little for the cook. I love the CSF.


Dearest Cupcake said...

Looks delicious! And I like the glass of wine while chopping school of cooking. But damn, VTK, scrub those sink backsplash tiles. They're filthy.

Dan said...

Permanently filthy, I fear. It's clean, but stained.

Joel said...

What were the sides?

Dan said...

brown rice and steamed asparagus and carrots. Asparagus and cod = match made in heaven.

Joel said...

Sounds like a great dinner, maybe a little sorbet for desert would be a nice touch.

Brian said...

Good on you for getting in on the fish csa at the start - by the time we heard it was sold out.

Good looking product too. What type of fish have you been getting? Is it one boat that is catching everything? Is it fish only or are any crustaceans or bivalves fair game?

I trust the dresden sinks will be less rustic.

Dan said...

It's not too late. They're doing a 2nd round. check it out. I'm pretty sure there's a JP drop off spot.

Mostly cod so far. "Tis the season" they said in today's email. Cod's great and produces a quality fish stock so I'm ok with it for now. (Btw, if you want some fish stock, I've got it piling up in containers in the freezer and it should be used within a couple months they say, so let me know.) One week we got flounder and whiting, which was nice. They were both tasty, the whiting's a little stronger than the flounder. I cooked them both whole. gut, behead, scale, score (optional) and lightly pan fry with some olive oil, lemon, and a couple splashes of white wine. Next time I'm going to fillet the flounder (tricky) and roll it around a broccoli, bread crumb, cream cheese filling, and bake it with a light lemon/white wine marinade. That's been a winner for me in the past. It's thin though, so the filleting will have to be spot on.

I think it's more than one boat, but each drop off spot has the same fisherman every time, so you get to know your fisherman. sort of. They said that there may be some mussels and lobster but that's not a certainty. It's mostly a whitefish endeavor. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bluefish at some point, which I enjoy, but some people don't care for. All in all it's a great deal.

The dresden sinks will be top of the line!

Dan said...

and Joel, good call on the sorbet.