Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bacon Paper Pig

So, you see, it's a pig made out of paper. And that paper has bacon printed on it.


joel said...

Its bacon but its paper,it burned good.

Joel said...

was it porky good?

Joel said...


Why did you make the Bacon Paper Pig?


Dan said...

Well, I'm really not sure. Please feel free to share any thoughts though.

Joel said...

Thoughts about what, why "you" made the Bacon Paper Pig?

1.Maybe you are considering removing bacon from your life and burning BPP is some sort of ritual.

2.Or maybe you and Beth were really fucking board and needed something to do.

3.It also could be you burning the BPP as an offering to the Yankee gods to fire Joe Girardi.

I know I have a 30 percent chance of you replying to this post so If you don't reply you won't hurt my feelings but I thought the bit was pretty funny I am just sorry that the other VTK's didn't think so

Dan said...

There is no reason that I'm conscious of. Just seemed to be the right thing to do.

I don't know that the other VTKids didn't like it. It's as likely that they haven't seen it. It's kind of a ghost town around here these days. Microblogging has killed blogging.

Joel said...

Your right, The Twitter model has really taking off. I think it has a lot to do with proliferation of IPHONE
like devices and mobile broadband.

akboognish said...

I don't twitter, but I will admit that having to affirmatively check in on a blog as opposed to it just coming to me causes me to check blogs less. I get those emails from facebook every time somebody comments on something that I've commented on, and I can't resist clicking on the link. But here, it's a crap shoot on whether I check back in here to see if anybody has commented, or at least soon enough to still have a relevant conversation (like, before VTK posts something new and the stream dies, like already happened here). Is there someway to force this blog into our inboxes, VTK? How about making it into an email newsletter that has the at least the first part of the post readable in email, but contains links to the blog if you want to continue reading?

Anyway, I like Bacon Paper Pig. It was cute. I was sorry to see it get burned, but it's better than watching it be eaten. Beth is a great actress, too.

Go Giants!

Dan said...

"cute"?!?! That's almost as bad as "clever". Then again, it's nearly impossible to de-cute any video of Beth. Even the dark riffs of Nick Cave and the violence of burning a paper pig alive didn't get the job done, apparently.

I don't microblog, or receive microblogging, via phone or other mobile device, but I believe you still have to affirmatively go to the twitter feed to receive content from those that you "follow". I have to go to my twitter homepage online to see what people have posted. But it's probable that I haven't selected some option that would send me constant updates. I think the twitter experience is probably maximized (and perhaps only worthwhile) when accessed by mobile device.

As far as blogs go, you can sign up for an rss feed, which will send you updates on both the regular posts and the comments. In fact, I would suggest this to all VTK readers because I don't know how often I'll be updating in the next year or two. Occasionally, I'll post a link to a VTK post on Facebook and Twitter, but if you don't check your FB home page in time, or specifically check my profile, you wouldn't know about it either. And I have no plans to set up a separate email newsletter for VTK. But the feed subscription system is probably exactly what you're looking for. Maybe I'll do a post about that. Anyways, scroll down to the bottom of the VTK mainpage to subscribe on one of several types of feeds.

Dan said...

test - did you subscribe to the comments feed and if so, did it work?

Dearest Cupcake said...

Thank you for Bacon Paper Pig. The world is better for it.

Dan said...

You're welcome, D-Cup. Glad you like the world better on this side of Bacon Paper Pig.