Friday, December 05, 2008

Colbert Report Blatantly Plagiarizes From Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy

UPDATE -- Video evidence added to the bottom of this post

Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I say fuck that. Not until I'm getting paid as well as the imitator. As Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy (©!™!) struggles in Boston area comic book stores to get me my printing cost back, its images are being ripped off by the multi-mega-millionaire comedy writers over at Comedy Central's Colbert Report! Too lazy to come up with their own material, they, or perhaps Stephen Colbert himself, decided to just steal an image from my underground cult classic - and completely destitute - graphic novel. Paranoid? Usually. But not in this case. Check out the evidence. Page 49 of Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy, released earlier this year, conceived a couple years before that:

It's one of Glenn Caperton's many dream sequences. So imagine my surprise tonight when I heard the following come out of Stephen Colbert's mouth:

Folks, if this Anything Goes attitude catches on, we won’t just be saying yes to learning guitar and Korean, we’ll be saying yes to socialized medicine, primate voting rights, and freaky three ways with the mailman and a mountain lion. So I guess it won’t all be bad.

This was accompanied by a picture of Colbert, in bed, between a mailman and a mountain lion! Not only did he steal my mailman/mountain lion image, but he took a few liberties with it. Who does Colbert see himself as in this fantastical tangent? Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy? Paula The Pretend Punk Hottie? The Bubble? There's no pictorial or video evidence of his brazen plagiarism online yet, but I'll update this post as it becomes available. Kanye! Call me. I got your back. Let's take this Colbert chump down! He can't handle two wars at once.


Aha! Big mistake by Colbert: he posted it on his website. He really is trying to start a war with BCSDDB. Doesn't he know? Doesn't he get it? See the video evidence starting at about the 11:45 mark of this video. Here are the screenshots:

Who the fuck does Stephen Colbert think he is? I'm with you Kanye: Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert.


Dewy24 said...

It's not exactly straight lifting of your material so I think it is hard to call it plagiarism although it is quite a coincidence that they combine a mailman and a mountain lion. It is not impossible to imagine that one of his writers is a comic book freak and came across your book. But in your version the mailman and the mountain lion are in a surreal anxiety dream and in Colbert's it is an absurdist political/sex gag. So the only thing I see in common is the mailman and the mountain lion. But you should milk it for all the free publicity you can get.

By the way BCSDDB has become one of Charlotte's favorite books which either means she's a highly literate toddler or I'm a terrible parent.

Dan said...

NO! I'm certain that Colbert himself stole it from me as some sort of confused retaliation against Kanye West. He could have said "cougar" or "puma" - both innuendo laden big cats (cougar is obvious, puma is a reference to the bitter hillary supporters) and funny sounding words - but he chose "mountain lion". And "mailman".

Maybe Charlotte just likes my cartoon style. She did enjoy the hippo and the giraffe that I drew for her the other week.

Dearest Cupcake said...

If it was an essay and Colbert were one of my students, I would mark in red ink that he needed to add a citation. (Nolan 2008:49).

Dan said...

I think you just schooled Colbert, D-Cup!

Jay Baller said...

He friggin' stole it! No doubt.