Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Sixth of July - FAIL.

Does that look like me? That doesn't look like me.

Thanks to everyone who came by for another thrilling Hot Dog Ho Down on the 4th. The Teo's mini-dogs were a hit and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition didn't disappoint either. For those of you who missed it, the chowfest went into OT for the first time in modern history. The gristled veteran Kobayashi and the defending champion upstart Joey Chestnutt both scarfed down 59 hot dogs and buns in the (shortened) 10 minute regulation time, forcing the extra snack. The OT was not "sudden death" as we had hoped; it was a "first to five" dogs format and the American hero, Joey Chestnutt, took home his second consecutive Mustard Belt about a half dog ahead of the waify Japanese phenom. As usual, the Ho Down fed into the afternoon sporting activities: year one brought World Cup matches, year two brought me missing field goals at the park, this year brought a Yankees Red Sox game on the 25 year anniversary of Dave Righetti no-hitting the Sox. Not as lucky this time, but still fun. Beers and laughs were had. N-Lo claimed that Meatloaf's son makes a "Dan Nolan" face in that phone commercial. Clearly not true, but everyone seemed to get a kick out of it. Funnier to me was the website Alex alerted us to: If you find stupidity and physical comedy endlessly funny like I do, you'll love this site. It's a supremely simple concept. I may be very late on finding out about failblog, but if you are too, enjoy:

there are hundreds of them. and some video compilations:

funny stuff. I love it.

p.s. Congrads again to my Spanish reader(s?) on their sporting glory: what a match between Nadal and Federer. And sorry to my Swiss reader(s?).


blythe said...

best. site. ever. besides. ours. obviously.

Dan said...

our sites are wicked awesome. I should put the adsense ads on here. I'm sure I'd make a kajillion dollars.

some of the clips in those videos - you know exactly what's going to happen and they are still hilarious when they happen. Is Bob Saget behind this? Only a comic genius like Bob Saget could be behind this.

Dan said...

Is there such a thing as hot dog rehab? I need to detox all the processed pork/beef bits out of my system. Broccoli bath?

shayne said...

let the record show that i alerted the swiss man to this site. i hope he gave me proper credit.

Dan said...

that he did.